May 2019

Ben Goodwin shares his insights into the demand outlook for iron ore.

April 2019

Merlon calls on other AMP shareholders to vote against chair David Murray's election at next month's AGM.

April 2019

Merlon calls for investors to have greater say in large transactions, claiming CBA wasted over $50bn in shareholder capital acquiring Colonial.

December 2018

Merlon, which owns 4% of Asaleo care, has backed the sale of it's tissue business to Solaris Paper.

November 2018

Summary of Merlon's press coverage re: AMP insurance arm sale.

September 2018

At the Investment Magazine Equities Summit in Melbourne, Neil Margolis discussed the relationship between style, process and product.

July 2018

Neil Margolis discusses Woolworths as an stock that passes Merlon's test of income dividend sustainability.

July 2018

With Telstra shares down 34% over the last 12 months, Neil Margolis discusses Merlon's view of the company.

July 2018

Despite a successful Amazon Prime Day in Australia, the company's domestic site still has a long way to go to approach the range of its US counterpart, according to Merlon's Adrian Lemme.

July 2018

Neil Margolis discusses what he looks for when assessing the sustainability of a dividend.

July 2018

Ben Goodwin shares his insights into the recent performance drivers for commodities and energy, and discusses why investors should approach the sector with caution.

February 2018

Neil Margolis joined Tom Piotrowski to discuss the Merlon Australian Share Income Fund, investment philosophy and market views.

October 2017

In this video, Neil Margolis shares three important considerations for assessing a retailer's ability to weather the Amazon storm.

September 2017

In recent years, the long-term trend for 'value' portfolio to outperform 'growth' portfolios seems to have disappeared. Neil Margolis discusses why in this video.

September 2017

Neil Margolis explains how Merlon identify our best ideas and why we think the market is ignoring an important revenue stream.

August 2017

Neil Margolis doesn't see value in "safe sector" companies, and discusses two sectors in particular that appear drastically overvalued.