Summary of Merlon’s press coverage regarding the sale of the AMP insurance business

October/November 2018

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 30-Oct-18 Fundies furious with AMP over asset fire sale Read article
 31-Oct-18 Merlon Capital warns AMP against spinning life deal Read article
 31-Oct-18 Gun slinger lawyer fires up AMP activist battle Read article
 31-Oct-18 AMP defends life deal, torches $705m in franking credits Read article
 04-Nov-18 Industry super funds push ASX to put AMP deal on ice Read article
 09-Nov-18 Short seller’s paradise Read article
 15-Nov-18 Merlon Capital slams AMP governance Read article
 15-Nov-18 Fundies rise in stature as Hearts and Minds LIC takes flight Read article
 03-Dec-18 AMP’s new CEO has one of the toughest jobs in the country Read article
 ABC News
 31-Oct-18 Extended interview with Hamish Carlisle Watch video
 01-Nov-18 AMP agitator not satisfied by company’s answers on ‘value destroying’ life insurance arm Read article
 The Australian
 03-Nov-18 Top companies slim down in historic corporate event Read article
 12-Nov-18 AMP misled investors on deal Read article
 07-Dec-18 Shareholder approval can lead to better deals Read article
 Business Insider
 01-Nov-18 AMP shares jump after report of possible takeover by Macquarie Bank Read article
 Investor Daily
 06-Nov-18 ‘Farcical’: Fund manager slams AMP deal Read article
 01-Nov-18 AMP fights back as agitator investor ranks swell Read article
 06-Nov-18 ASX to look at fund managers’ claims on AMP life insurance sale Read article
 03-Dec-18 AMP boss faces first day demand for clarity from investors Read article
 Your Money
 31-Oct-18 Neil Margolis discusses the devastating effects of the AMP life insurance arm sale with Ticky Fullerton Watch video