7 commodities to watch in this complex market

Ben Goodwin joined the annual episode of Livewire Markets’ “Signal or Noise,” dedicated to the intersection of commodities and the global economy.

Cast your mind back to when markets were expecting seven rate cuts from the Federal Reserve, thanks to hopes of an immaculate disinflation in the United States and the persistence of a tight jobs market both stateside and in Australia. The 10-year yield in the US was under 4% and the crude oil price was hovering at around US$70/barrel – a warm price but not one that would cause alarm among investors.

Remember that time? Believe it or not, that was just five months ago. Fast forward to today and everything has changed.

Watch now:

7 commodities (and 8 stocks) to watch in this complex market – Hans Lee | Livewire (livewiremarkets.com)