About Us

Merlon Capital Partners is an Australian-based boutique fund manager established in May 2010. The business is majority owned by its principals, with strategic partner Fidante Partners providing all business and operational support. The structure allows the Merlon team to focus solely on the management of client investments.

Merlon’s principals have a proven track record since 2005, working to deliver excess returns and managing risk through a combination of equity and derivative strategies.

As at 31 March 2020, Merlon was managing approximately $0.8 billion on behalf of institutional investors, charities and endowments and retail investors.

What is a Merlon?

A Merlon, in medieval architecture, is the solid part of a crenelated embattlement, the strongest point that protects the defenders while giving them excellent opportunities for attack. For us, it’s a unique symbol of a defensive position that is also a position of strength.

Our Partner

Fidante Partners invests in and forms long-term alliances with talented investment professionals to create, grow and support specialist boutique funds management businesses.

By providing a broad range of integrated services to Merlon Capital Partners, Fidante Partners frees up the Merlon team to focus on what it does best; investing and managing assets.