July 2018

Ben Goodwin shares his insights into the recent performance drivers for commodities and energy, and discusses why investors should approach the sector with caution.

February 2018

Neil Margolis joined Tom Piotrowski to discuss the Merlon Australian Share Income Fund, investment philosophy and market views.

October 2017

In this video, Neil Margolis shares three important considerations for assessing a retailer's ability to weather the Amazon storm.

September 2017

In recent years, the long-term trend for 'value' portfolio to outperform 'growth' portfolios seems to have disappeared. Neil Margolis discusses why in this video.

September 2017

Neil Margolis explains how Merlon identify our best ideas and why we think the market is ignoring an important revenue stream.

August 2017

Neil Margolis doesn't see value in "safe sector" companies, and discusses two sectors in particular that appear drastically overvalued.